CBD Extraction Methods

     We live in an exciting age for the revamp of hemp in our daily lives. We are  quickly getting back to our roots in the United States as a country that utilizes the many benefits of hemp. Our constitution was written on hemp paper and George Washington and Thomas Jefferson also were avid hemp farmers. 

    The CBD industry is driven by the use of hemp that is extracted with various methods. The most common is alcohol extraction because it is the most cost effective of all methods. Alcohol extraction process is essentially mixing the hemp material in high proof alcohol or ethanol and leaving the mixture in a darkness for a couple of weeks. The hemp material is strained out and the final product is a green colored tincture due to the chlorophyll in the plant material.

    Another method of extraction is not very common in the cbd market is Rick Simpson Oil. It was one of the first methods that was popularized due to the internet. It is essentially the same process as the alcohol method but the final product is left evaporate leaving the dark black colored residue. One should be cautious of any RSO extraction that is not made with alcohol as some of the methods of Rick Simpson use butane or hexane which may leave toxic residue that should be avoided at all costs.

    BHO is a popular method of extraction that we do not recommend using. This method is very similar to the Co2 extraction using butane. While this method is cost effective many producers cannot create this extraction without leaving high parts per million of residual butane which is highly toxic. 

    The cleanest and purest method of extraction is supercritical Co2 extraction. The entire industry should use this method as it is the gold standard of quality extraction. The hemp material goes into a chamber and connects to another chamber that is blasted with carbon dioxide. This separates the terpenes and CBD from the material and is left in a liquid state. The process allows all of the cannabinoids and terpenes to come through into the final product as the highest temperature reached is 90 degrees. If you are going to consume CBD and want to benefit from the full spectrum effect that the plant offers, Co2 extraction is the way to go. All the products that Hemp Organico offers are Co2 extracted. The brand was created and is dedicated to delivering the highest quality product on the market.


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