The Forms of CBD

     With all of the cbd excitement these days there is an influx of information on the internet about cannabinol. The unfortunate reality is that due to the FDA not allowing CBD companies to advertise, the regular business advertising platforms are not allowing companies to advertise such as google or facebook. This leaves companies having people who are not well versed writing tons of articles about CBD and many are incorrect. In this article we will discuss the three main types of CBD extracts that are the base of the CBD products on the market. 

    The first form of CBD is isolate. CBD isolate came into the marketplace about a decade ago and was the first form to really take off due to the fact that it contains 0% THC. Isolate is a pure isolated cannabidiol with plant material removed. This is great for making products but it does leave out 400 plant elements that make up the hemp plant. We have not had enough time to conduct the proper studies to show which of these compounds are beneficial to what ailments. The studies to date have shown a lot of promising data about the benefits of CBD for sleep and pain. These plant compounds are more than 100 different cannabinoids, phytochemicals that have majorly beneficial effects on health and wellness. CBD Isolate is essentially a full- spectrum product that has been isolated from the plant compounds. The way that CBD isolate is created is by chromatography, the plant materials are removed. The final product is a white powder looking very similar to powdered sugar that contains at least 99 percent CBD. The other cannabinoids and plant terpenes are removed. CBD isolate tastes like baking flower is flavorless and odorless.

    The most popular form of CBD is now Full-spectrum CBD is a product that contains the  entirety of the hemp plant. Full spectrum CBD contains the same terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant elements as the original hemp flower. The hemp plant has an extremely diverse cannabinoid profile includes trace amounts of THC. The research to date has shown that in order for our bodies endocannabinoid system to properly uptake CBD, THC is needed. It acts as a carrier that brings the cbd through our systems. Another benefit of full spectrum CBD is the terpenes are transferred to the final product. Terpenes exist in most all of the plant world and hemp terpenes have wide range of benefits. “The theory of the entourage effect explains how the minor cannabinoids in hemp extract interact with the plant’s terpenes and other plant components to magnify and multiply the therapeutic potential of each plant element, including the effects of the CBD.”1 Hemp Organico only uses full spectrum CBD as it has been proven to show the most benfits to date. 

    The third and a relatively new form of CBD to hit the market is broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum CBD is essentially a hybrid of CBD isolate and Full spectrum CBD. “Broad-spectrum CBD is a hybrid of sorts, a product offering the same health and wellness potential as full-spectrum extracts while providing a second option for anyone who prefers avoiding THC. Although all but trace amounts of THC have been removed, the other potentially beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant elements are still available to be utilized by your body.”2

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